Nelson La Rochelle

In a competitive economic environment cost reduction is often the only way in which organisations can improve financial performance.

Proven track record
We have a proven track record of reducing our clients' costs. Reductions are usually in the region of 10% to 30% and impact directly on the bottom line, normally immediately.

Improved cost management
Clients can also use our results to revise budgeted expenditure downwards. In this way our appointment has a positive impact

even before we complete our assignment as day-to-day financial management benefits from more efficient budgets.

Heightened staff awareness
In addition, engaging us will increase employees' perception of the importance of cost reduction generally and reinforce it within the culture of an organisation.

Greater supplier restraint
Finally, appointing Nelson La Rochelle will apply a natural brake on suppliers who may otherwise be inclined to increase prices.

"I can confirm that you provided us with an excellent service....while your work did not take up much of our time. I do not hesitate to recommend Nelson La Rochelle."

Debbie Callaghan - Director of Property and Facilities
New College Nottingham

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