Nelson La Rochelle
Nelson La Rochelle is one of the UK’s leading providers of procurement consulting solutions

Our business

We are one of the UK's leading providers of tactical cost reduction.

We work for large and medium sized organisations in both the private and
public sectors, such as yours.

Our speciality

We specialise in increasing your profits, or freeing up your resources,
by reducing the costs of the goods
and services that you buy.

Our record

Our staff have a proven track record
of producing genuine, sustainable
and long-term cost reduction which
we can demonstrate to you.

Our references

We have worked for very many high profile organisations in both the public and private sectors and have received numerous testaments from them, with almost sixty written recommendations published on our References tab.

Our cost

Our fees are calculated as a percent-
age of the cost reduction identified. This means that there is no cost to you if we do not identify any such reductions, ensuring real value-for-money.

Your opportunity
Our service* provides a genuine opportunity with significant potential for a direct impact on your costs.
who we work for
how we work
what clients say
* described as "phenomenal" by Jo Andrews, head of purchasing services at the University of Bath.

PLEASE NOTE that the provision of our services is governed by our standard terms and that nothing contained on this site is intended to replace or supplement these terms.

"I have been very impressed with the work that they have carried out for us...they have made sure that their recommendations are entirely consistent with our business needs and in line with the high standards that we expect of our suppliers."
John Mulvihill - Group Commercial Manager, Regatta Limited

"They have been friendly, professional, diligent and flexible, conducted their work with minimal disruption, and I would recommend them to those seeking help to undertake this kind of review."
Philip Boxall - Director of Finance, BRITA Water Filtration Systems Ltd

"I can confirm that it has generated savings for us .......... of over 25% .......... Its work has been thoroughly professional and its staff efficient and friendly. I do not hesitate to recommend Nelson La Rochelle."
Penny Holt - Finance Director, Thomson Directories Limited

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