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The responsibility of the public sector to deliver effective procurement practices has never been greater.

While many NHS, local government and educational bodies have already created significant savings central government continues to seek year-on-year efficiency gains to reduce costs further.

The Coalition's 2010 spending review, for example, set out cuts of £81 billion over four years; and in June 2013 the Chancellor announced a further £11.5 billion of cuts, including £2.6 billion taken from council budgets and £500 million from education.

Inevitably identifying these efficiency gains becomes more difficult once the ‘easy wins’ have been captured; and many public sector organisations lack the resources and experience in-house to capture all of the cost reduction available to them thus missing significant opportunities to increase resources.

Our experience
Nelson La Rochelle has considerable experience of cost reduction in the public sector. We regularly work with NHS, local government and/or educational clients helping them to identify such reductions. We are familiar with European regulations governing procurement in the sector including relevant OJEU directives.

Recent clients include the country's largest NHS foundation trust and the Universities of Bath, Brighton and Derby.

We reduced Derby's costs by up to 59% in several categories of expenditure. We did so on a genuine and sustainable basis and with minimal disruption to its day-to-day operations.

We are currently working for three other public sector clients.

"I have been extremely impressed by the quality of their work. They have identified real, material savings in a number of areas....The assignment has undoubtedly saved us money at a time of real financial pressure. "

Andy Brown - Head of Procurement
University of Derby

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