Why Choose Nelson La Rochelle?

As one of the UK’s leading cost reduction consulting companies, we have tremendous knowledge and experience of how a business can reduce costs.

However, identifying material cost reduction on a genuine, sustainable and long-term basis is a specialist activity requiring professional expertise. Some organisations feel that they can carry out cost reduction exercises effectively themselves but experience has shown us that most are unable to do so on a genuine and sustainable basis (while those that try often significantly diminish the potential in the process).

Nature of current relationships

This is because clients’ operational staff often cannot see that existing relationships, in many cases long-term, are uncompetitive and do not offer value for money.

Lack of resources

In addition, cost reduction is an extremely time-consuming exercise which most organisations lack the resources to perform effectively in-house.

Lack of knowledge

Finally, clients lack our access to up-to-date benchmarking data and knowledge of suppliers (particularly those that can provide quality goods and services at the most competitive prices).

In conclusion

As one of the country’s leading cost reduction consulting companies, we are confident that we can produce results in excess of anything that clients can produce themselves.