Our Approach

We adopt a consultative approach to all of our assignments, discussing and agreeing major decisions with you at every step of the process primarily through regular progress meetings. In this way, we identify ways for you to reduce business costs that are genuinely consistent with your needs and thus have your full approval.

Proven methodology

Although we tailor our approach to specific areas, we apply the same proven methodology broadly to all. This is based around the seven steps illustrated in the diagram below. These revolve around carrying out groundwork to collect data, conducting research and negotiations, producing results and generating cost reductions.

Minimal disruption

It is because of this approach that we need to spend only limited amounts of time at your premises and assignments cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.


Crucially, we limit the number of clients for whom we work at any one time. As a result, every assignment has the full focus of the company, allowing us to develop solutions that are genuinely individual for you thus ensuring that cost reduction management becomes embedded in your organisation.

Our Approach to cost reduction flow chart