How We Bill

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the cost reduction identified. This means that there is no cost to you if we do not identify any such reductions, ensuring real value-for-money.

Level of billing

Our fees are 50% of the cost reduction identified in the ‘relevant period’. If you choose to implement this cost reduction, these fees are then adjusted during the relevant period to reflect your actual reductions based on quarterly reconciliations of your actual spend during the period.

This ensures that you are capturing properly the cost reduction that we have identified for you.

It also means that the exercise is entirely self-financing.

The relevant period

In most cases, this is twelve months. The only exceptions are telecoms, where the relevant period is twenty-four months; and any new or revised contracts that we negotiate with your permission that have a duration of greater than twelve months (for example, leases), in which case the relevant period is that longer-term duration.

Basis of cost reduction

Our contract clearly defines ‘cost reduction’. This prevents disagreement or confusion over billing.

We also support all invoices with detailed and clearly set out calculations that you can easily check.